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  • Greetings from the Chairman
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    Korea has proudly achieved rapid industrialization, modernization, and now stands as equals with developed countries economically. All the while living with the biased high expectations and belief that once we overcome material poverty we would also be enriched mentally, spiritually.

    The result was an empty and impoverished life full of fraustration and suffering that economic power cannot fill alone. Therefore, the need to reflect on the true meaning of life and the value spiritual culture is necessary.

    Also in comparison to the economical growth of Korea, in the areas of cultural arts Korea is not recognized by the international community.

    Thus in order for Korea to co exist with the other countries of the world and contribute culturally, Korea must rediscover and promote Korean Culture globally.

    As the basis of these facts, Surim Foundation was established to meet the needs of the 21st century, to carry out the mission to overcome these tasks. Our first task is to find intellectuals to shoulder theses tasks of the future and to find, nurture cultral talents. Further more to make them into true global talents and cultural elites who are recognized by the world.

    Also we will try our best to promote Korean culture to the world and to do our best to find or create new culture. We wil also support the exchange of culture with other countries so that Korean culture can be recognized and developed globally.

    Further more we will try our best to realize the true value of the future through ‘love for humanity and love for culture’ and reduce cultural gaps, promote tolerance and harmony between multiple cultures.

    We thank you for your interest and continued support for the Surim Foundation.
    Thank you

    Surim Foundation Chairman
    Hee Su Kim

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