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    Support of Cultural Arts Creation Activities
    Buiness Purposes: To support creative writing and performing arts, emphasizing on providing space for cultural activities by building a creative center and cultural arts academy.
    Business Principles: Selection through competition of different genres and topics focusing on the development potential and possibilities.
    Candidates: Current and Graduate students majoring in Cultural Arts, Aspiring art students preparing for creative activities



    Support of transcription and publishing of exceptional literature from within and outside of Korea
    Business Purpose:
    - Continuous and long term business under the name ‥Surim Chong-seo(Surim Series)….
    - Support of transcription and publishing of cultural arts related literature, academic books, and periodicals
    - Support of valuable Cutural, Academic, Art History books publishing that have been either discontinued or could not move forward based on the opinion that it will not be commercially profitable.
    Business Principles: Selection through competition is the general rule, but requests for individual support are carefully examined.
    Candidates: An expert or anyone with exceptional knowledge in this field.



    Nurturing Cultural Art Talent
    Business Purpose: Finding, nurturing cultural arts talents through the operation of an academy and supporting overseas studies.
    Business Principal: Selection through pre notified competitions or auditions
    Candidates: Young, talented students majoring in cultural arts, arts management, various performing arts and anyone who has potential.



    International Relations Business
    Business Purpose: Supplying and spreading Korea…s traditional and various cultural arts to the world.
    Business Principles: Support participation of leading individuals (or teams) in art markets and performance festivals overseas.
    Candidates: Persons who are willing to carry on and spread Korea…s traditional art globally.

    꺶 Awarding Business
    Business Purpose: To encourage artists through awards with the Surim Cultural Arts Idea Competition or other literary or cultural arts awards ceremonies
    Business Principles: Forming of committees for various awards and indirectly participating in other awards ceremonies.
    Candidates: Person or persons made a contribution to the promotion of Korea…s cultural arts or anyone who contributed through providing ideas for the development of cultural arts.

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